Daily Archives: December 27, 2013

Every day

Every day - low res

Every day

Every room I have ever walked into

My whole life long

I have fallen in love


Every bar, every restaurant

Just switching on the TV, watching a movie

Walking to the corner shop, everywhere


I did it at the copywriting conference

Last Friday in London

Three times in the same day

There were so many

Good looking women in the room

I could have fallen in love

A dozen times over


It happened to me again today

In the McDonald’s across the road

I popped in for lunch

There was a girl in there

Whose beauty was off the scale

An affront to the laws of physics

That not even Einstein could explain


The kind of beauty

That sends men insane

And makes Big Macs taste like cardboard


I won’t waste time

Trying to describe her

Words would be inadequate

Not even a photo could do her justice

Such beauty can only be experienced


It goes without saying

She was out of my league

Out of my age range

Unless I’d been rich and famous

Which I’m not


What a hell of a trick

Nature plays on us

Instilling these feelings

These wants and desires

Which can never be fulfilled


Five years from now

She’ll probably be in some porn movie

Or wrapped around a lap dancer’s pole

Torturing a whole generation

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