Boris, you can be your party’s salvation or nemesis, you choose

Boris Johnson is at a crossroads which could make him the hero or enemy of the British people

Boris, if you manage to implement a PROPER Brexit, you will be mine and millions of Britons’ hero for all time.

By proper Brexit, we mean the thing that most people voted for, i.e. leaving the Customs Union, the Single Market, and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. We voted to get back control of our laws, our borders, trade policy, fishing grounds agricultural policy, etc. The whole nine yards. And most of all we voted to reclaim our sovereignty, making the politicians who govern us directly accountable to the people again. Not ruled by foreign bureaucrats we didn’t elect, in some far off country.

Those are the reasons 17.4 million British people chose to Leave the EU in the biggest democratic vote ever held in the history of our nation. We didn’t vote for one narrow or selfish reason. Not for our own pockets, or because we’re xenophobic or any of the other slurs libelled against us.

And we certainly didn’t vote to allow a foreign power to dictate to us that one of the loyalest parts of our country (Northern Ireland) should be sold off as the price of our independence. Wash your mouth out if you’re even thinking of throwing NI under a bus and trying to sell that to the British people as a price worth paying, Boris.

No, if you can achieve that full and proper Brexit that every politician promised us before the referendum, if you can stay true to that bright, shiny optimistic Brexit we thought we had won on the morning of June 24th, 2016, but which has been dragged through the mud and besmirched by self-serving, venal politicians over the last three years, if you can deliver all that and keep this country whole, you WILL be our hero.

BUT. Heed these words. If you are thinking about using some sleight of hand to deliver anything remotely resembling BRINO, so that you and your party don’t lose face over your ‘do or die by the 31st October’ pledge, you should know that the British people’s bullshit detectors have become very finely attuned over the past 3 years.

To wit, if you dare put yourself or your party before country, and are thinking of serving up the reheated corpse of Theresa May’s treasonous surrender deal (aka staying in the EU in all but name) woah, stop right there. Forget it. No deal.

Don’t you DARE, take us for that stupid.

We want you to be our hero, Boris, Brexit’s hero. We want to trust you. But we trusted Theresa May in 2017 when she said ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal’. How hollow those words now ring. Now that we know that she was lying through her teeth all along. She was a Remainer who lied about delivering Brexit, to get elected as leader of your party, and to get your MPs elected at the 2017 general election. An EU fifth columnist who had not the slightest intention of ever properly leaving the European Union. With whom she in fact colluded to serve up the worst deal in the history of our parliament. A deal (in matter of fact a new treaty binding us to the EU forever, with no way out) which not surprisingly suffered the biggest ever defeat in the history of our parliament. Twice. And then a third time. We trusted her, and she betrayed us, so we destroyed her. Do not make the same mistake.

Likewise we trusted the eighty percent of MPs who got elected by promising to implement Brexit at the last general election. Eighty percent. Most of them on record, on camera, on social media posts, dozens of times, some hundreds of times, saying the referendum result had to be honoured and delivered on, it was democracy.

Yet, without the blinking of an eye, without a shred of self-awareness or shame, most of them then spent the next three and a half years actively working to delay, frustrate, block, and now it seems overturn Brexit completely. With a complicit Parliament, a complicit House of Lords, a complicit Speaker of the House of Commons, a complicit BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 4, a complicit civil service, a complicit judiciary, a complicit deep state, a complicit CBI and Electoral Commission, all peddling their Project Fear lies and naked EU bias.

So forgive us, Boris, if trust is in short supply where politicians are concerned. Forgive us if we judge your deeds rather than your fine words.

We didn’t vote to be half in and half out of the EU. And we don’t buy the need to accommodate the wishes of the 48% in the kind of Brexit we get, any more than you would implement 48% of Labour’s policies if you won a General Election by a similar majority. It was a binary choice, and as we were told over and over in the run-up to the referendum, we’d be making a once-in-a-lifetime decision to to Leave the EU and all its institutions, with no going back. Despite all the threats, despite all the bullying by the whole establishment, despite Project Fear, we voted to leave. Lock, stock, and barrel.

If Brexit had been delivered quickly and cleanly, as it should have been, the country would have accepted the democratic result and quickly moved on. We would all be getting on with the rest of our lives. Instead, we were betrayed, by either a corrupt or incompetent Prime Minister in Theresa May, who by her treachery gave first the glimmer of hope, then succour and active encouragement to Remainers who believed it might after all be possible to overturn the referendum result. For which she will never, EVER be forgiven.

The division which currently exists in this country, a virtual civil war which has been destroying friendships and family relationships for over three years, is largely down to her and the shambolic way she has botched what should have been a clear democratic mandate. I have heard it argued that we need what is sometimes called a ‘soft Brexit’ to heal that division. But to Leavers, that is tantamount to Brexit in name only, or no Brexit at all. The result of the referendum was clear. Leave won, Remain lost. The division is going to be there whether we Leave or Remain, but at least Leave has the legitimacy of a democratic vote to justify it. Not to do so, would invite anarchy. It would destroy all belief in democracy, poison politics and turn our country into little better than a banana republic.

So do not make the mistake Theresa May did, surrounding herself with a swamp of embittered, self-serving, EU gravy-trainers who tried to sell the British people some appalling con where we appeared to leave while in reality staying trapped inside the EU’s machinations in perpetuity. How stupid did she think we were?

Deliver Brexit, and you will secure your place in the pantheon of our greatest ever Prime Ministers. But betray us, and oh boy. Mark this, and mark it well, for we are not kidding anymore. You will not only destroy the last vestiges of trust that remain in politics and politicians in this country, forever. But we will make it our solemn duty to personally screw you and your party in every available orifice at the earliest possible election.

Without mercy, or compunction. Betray us again, and we will have but one aim, to destroy you completely as a party. Forget economics, forget housing and education and the NHS. With a single-mindedness of purpose you rarely experience except in times of war, our single mission will be to wipe your party off the face of the earth. To annihilate the Conservative Party and elect a more honest, populist party which believes in democracy, has true conservative values (small C) and promises to change politics for the better. A party which will repeal whatever treachery you foist upon us, and deliver the Brexit the people voted for.

It is either that, or plunge the country into some kind of civil war.

As Kipling wrote in The Beginnings, the British people might be slow to anger, but you can push us too far, and we don’t make good enemies.

Betray Brexit, and we will be your worst nightmare. You may depend upon it. 

It’s your choice Boris. Get it done.   

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