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The man who made love to Maggie Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher




























In the spirit of shameless greed and opportunism which Thatcherism embodied, I’m going to plug a short story from my book Sex on the Brain, about a terrible thing that happened to the body of the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. At the hands of an ageing undertaker with necrophiliac tendencies. The story is called Dead Sexy. It was originally set in the future as Mrs T was still alive when it was first published. Recent events have changed that. Maggie screwed us all in her own lifetime. There’s no such thing as society, she famously said, as she laid waste to people, communities and our great national industries.  Well, it’s time she got her come-uppance. If any of her family are reading this, I’d recommend you stop reading here. Don’t read on, it’s bad. Really bad. Click the link below to read the story.

Dead Sexy

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