Bad day at the office 1


Bad day at the office

Bad day at the office

In most companies you have to pretend
To be someone you’re not
To keep your job you have to lie
And eat shit
Every day of your life
Pretend to like people you hate
Corporate assholes who think they own your ass
But are really just your line manager
Nobodies who think the way to prove they’re somebody
Is to squash people underneath them
That’s how work works
From the day you quit school to the day you die
It’s as good as it gets
God only knows how such a dumb species came to rule over this planet


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One thought on “Bad day at the office

  • Post author

    “Men are the devils of the earth and the animals are its tormented souls.” Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher (1788-1860).

    Now there was a man who knew his shit.